INCIDENT 17/2019 – Apr. 8th. Mon. 13.34hrs – Whernside, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

CRO were called out to assist a walker who had fallen and injured her leg, not far from the summit of Whernside. Whilst CRO team members were assembling near Bruntscar at the foot of Whernside, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) arrived on scene. The YAA was unable to land near to the injured person because of low cloud and strong gusting wind. To get help to the injured person quickly, some CRO team members were transferred by YAA to a high point on Whernside from where they accompanied YAA paramedics. The injured person was assessed and her leg splinted before she was carried in a stretcher a short way down the ridge of Whernside. At a point where a rendezvous with the YAA was possible the injured person was transferred to the helicopter for her onward journey to hospital.

Volunteer hours: 58