INCIDENT 15/2020 – Mar. 7th. Sat. 15.54hrs – Brow Gill Cave, Horton in Ribblesdale – Cave Incident

A caver (m, 21) was reported to have dislocated a shoulder, above the climb in Brow Gill Cave. His companions had attempted to persuade / assist him to descend the climb, but the dislocation was such that this was not possible, so they called for help. Team members immobilised the injured part and offered pain relief, then lowered him off and assisted him out of the cave and to a team vehicle. While doing this, a team member sustained a painful ankle injury and had, himself, to be supported out and across the fell before one of our stronger members piggy-backed him to the vehicles. The fell-side was cleared and all stood down. Back in Horton, the original casualty was transferred to one of his group’s own cars and taken to hospital for reduction of the dislocation, which was the repeat of a previous injury.

Volunteer hours: 95