INCIDENT 11/2020 – Feb. 29th. Sat. 12.50hrs – Aquamole Pot, Kingsdale – Cave Incident

A group of 3 caver were abseiling on ropes down the vertical pitches of Aquamole Pot. During their descent, the lead caver fell down the last 12 metre deep pitch of a section of cave known as Rabbit’s Graveyard. The caver was reported to have pain in his lower back, right knee and left ankle. He told his companions that he had mis-threaded the rope on to his mechanical descender and had plummeted down the pitch instead of making a controlled abseil. CRO team members treated and packaged the injured caver for possible pelvic, lumbar and leg fractures before hauling him up the vertical sections of the pothole back to the surface. In a gathering storm, he was handed into the care of Yorkshire Air Ambulance paramedics and flown to Leeds General Infirmary.

Volunteer hours: 160