Incident 8/2018 – Mar. 9th Thu. 14.20 Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (m, 69) slipped and fell, immediately after leaving the Ingleborough summit plateau on the path towards Crina Bottom and Ingleton.  His fall was witnessed by a mountain biker who phoned for help, then she was joined by a passing fell-runner, who used his own first aid kit to staunch the flow of blood from the deep scalp wound. CRO members were called out and an air ambulance requested.…

Incident 6/2018 – Feb. 17th Sat. 15.00 Trow Gill, Clapham, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Having stepped off the path while walking down through Trow Gill, a walker (f, 46) slipped on wet grass, sustaining a suspected lower leg fracture. After splinting the leg, CRO members carried her to a team vehicle for the drive down to Clapham and transfer to a waiting road ambulance. . Volunteer hours:12  

Incident 5/2018 – Feb. 5th Mon. 15.49 Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

On the summit of Ingleborough, a paraglider fell about 3 metres when his parachute stalled whilst he was taking off. He suffered a suspected fracture to an ankle. Remarkably, and with the generous help of passing walkers, the injured person had the tenacity to shuffle and slide a considerable way down from the summit. CRO team members and a Yorkshire Ambulance paramedic treated the injured person and carried him in…

Incident 78/2016 – Sep. 16th Fri. 15.45 – Hard Rigg, Scales Moor, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A walker (f) slipped and fell whilst walking along the bridleway over Scales Moor, to the south of Whernside. She had tried to brace against her fall by stretching out her arm, causing a suspected fracture and dislocation. CRO members assisted Yorkshire Ambulance Service paramedics with transport to the scene and helped with the treatment of the casualty and then her transfer to an air ambulance. Volunteer Hours: 35