Oct. 20th Thu. 17.31 – Sulber area, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Alert only.

Two walkers (m, f) reported themselves lost, between Ingleborough and Horton in Ribblesdale. Although describing themselves as appropriately equipped and well-provisioned, they had no torch and believed they would not reach Horton before it got dark. Unfortunately, although their phone was on a network claiming ‘99% UK coverage’, it was not possible to call or text them nor could their location be ascertained by ‘SARloc’. As they did not appear to be at risk and visibility was good, no action was taken, other than having CRO 4 x 4 drivers ‘stand by’. A second ’emergency roaming’ 999 call received by North Yorkshire Police suggested that they had worked out where they were and a third, an hour and a quarter after the initial call, said they were a mile from Horton. The Force Control Room supervisor suggested that they keep walking, then agreed with the CRO duty controller that the team should stand down. A CRO member, resident in Horton, confirmed their safe return to the car park.

Volunteer hours: 5