Incident 86/2016 – Oct. 22nd Sat. 19.24 – Wretched Rabbit, Easegill, Cumbria – Cave Rescue.

Cumbria Police contacted the team when a caver at Bull Pot Farm reported a caver (m,78) was apparently 2 hours over his due return time from a trip to Wretched Rabbit. The caller confirmed his car was still at Bull Pot.

A vehicle and initial party of 6 team members were mobilised, whilst members of Red Rose Caving club went with the ‘grab bag’ (left for such incidents at Bull Pot) to try and locate the caver. Whilst oure team members were still en route, a message was received from the Red Rose cavers to say they had located the caver making his way back across the fell. The missing caver had apparently ‘run out of puff’ and had taken far longer than he intended. Team members were therefore recalled, and the vehicle returned to Clapham.

Volunteer hours: 9