INCIDENT 9/2020 – Feb. 14th. Fri. 00.37hrs – Ease Gill system, Casterton, Cumbria – Cave Incident

Concern was expressed for four cavers, overdue between Lancaster Hole and Wretched Rabbit, in the Ease Gill system. However, realising that there was a risk of causing an un-necessary call-out, the cavers split up at Stop Pot, with the faster two hurrying back to Bull Pot Farm. Unfortunately, they missed their way and were late back. When contacted by a CRO controller, the two at Bull Pot Farm reported the slower two (m, 23; f, 21) longer overdue. The trip had been anticipated as taking from 14.00 to 22.00 and it was now after 01.00. As two CRO controllers drove up to Bull Pot Farm, they saw lights in the distance. One ran across the fell to meet the mispers and guide them back to the vehicles. The pair had missed their way, both underground and across the fell, but were unhurt.

Volunteer hours: 7.