Incident 81/2017 – Oct. 18th Wed. 15.33 – Above the track to Trow Gill, Clapham, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A CRO member driving down towards Clapham, to collect more members for incident no 80, became aware of a quad bike bouncing and rolling down the steep hill towards the track. He reported this on the radio and was joined by a colleague who had been escorting the other members of the school group back to Clapham.  While he continued down, for reinforcements, she stayed with the injured and immobile driver (m, 49) who they had found on a more gentle slope, higher up the hill. More CRO members arrived and the casualty was put into a vacuum mattress (whole-body splint) to be carried up to a more level area where a helicopter might land. The air ambulance originally requested for the first incident was diverted here and flew the injured quad driver to hospital. Meanwhile, a second air ambulance took the first patient from Gaping Gill.

Volunteer hours: 26