Incident 79/2017 – Oct. 14th Sat. 16.16 – Top of Watlowes (‘The Dry Valley’), Malham, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

Team members spent much of the day in West Kingsdale, on practice incidents, alongside cave divers and active cavers (non-team members, willing to assist on any protracted cave rescue). Towards the end of the exercise, but with two groups still underground, a call was received from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, to which available CRO members responded.
A walker (f, 56) had taken a fall on the steps that lead into the top of Watlowes, injuring one knee and gashing a leg. After treatment by YAS paramedics and pain relief from a CRO team doctor, the patient was ‘packaged’ ready to be carried back up the steps and to the road-head. However, an air ambulance (not previously available) arrived, at this point, so its crew flew her to hospital, instead.

Volunteer hours: 25