INCIDENT 76/2020 – Nov. 14th Sat. 14.03 – Nr Malham Tarn, North Yorkshire – Mountain Incident

Yorkshire Ambulance Service asked for CRO’s assistance after a walker (f, 32) was knocked over and trampled by cows near Malham Tarn. When team members arrived on scene, the YAS crew had helped the patient into their road ambulance, so the team was stood down.

Note:  The two walkers were walking with their dog and it was to this that several suckler cows had taken exception. The owner, who was concerned for her pet, was injured in the resulting melee. The Countryside Code requires dog-owners to keep their pets under close control when in enclosures with livestock. However, the practical advice, where cattle take an active interest in it is to ‘DITCH THE DOG’. This is not cruel, just practical. The dog can fend for itself just as well, alone, as it would with you and you are then less at risk.

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