INCIDENT 74/2020 – Nov. 1st Sun. 15.53 – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Incident

A  local man, out for a run, came across a family of two adults and two children (one aged about 7; one in a baby sling), sheltering on the summit of Ingleborough, apparently lost and cold, without adequate weather-proof clothing. They wished to go down to Clapham, so he directed them to Little Ingleborough in ‘low fog, driving rain and strong winds’, then phoned North Yorkshire Police to express concern for their well-being. Two team members drove up to Trow Gill, then continued on foot towards Gaping Gill. Meeting the family, they escorted them back to the team Land Rover, for the drive down to Clapham, where a local Police officer explained why CRO had been called..

Volunteer Hours: 4