INCIDENT 71/2019 – Aug 12th. Mon 17.11hrs – Above Trow Gill, Clapham, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A caver (f, 34) walking in Wellington boots from Gaping Gill back to Clapham, slipped on the rocky path above Trow Gill, sustaining a painful ankle injury. The initial call-out message suggested that the casualty was at the entrance to Ingleborough Cave, so only a small team was called out. This situation was remedied as soon as her true position was known. YAS paramedics and team members splinted the injured leg, then stretchered her down to a CRO Land Rover, waiting below Trow Gill. This took her down to a road ambulance waiting by the show cave and this, in turn, took her to Clapham, where a decision as to choice of hospital and means of transport there would be made.

Volunteer Hours: 24