INCIDENT 35/2019 – May 12th. Sun. 20.23hrs – Simpson’s Pot, Kingsdale, North Yorkshire – Cave Incident

Four cavers were reported to be overdue from a trip through a pothole called Simpson’s Pot. This trip involves the descent the cave by abseiling down drops (pitches), pulling the rope down after each pitch and exiting the cave a lower level – Valley Entrance. Investigation by the CRO Duty Controller found that the missing cavers had been underground for over eight hours and were some three hours beyond their expected exit time. Just as CRO cavers were about to start a search, two of the missing cavers emerged from Valley Entrance and were able to inform us that their colleagues were unable to physically pass through the constricted top of an underground pitch known as Slit Pot. CRO team members abseiled through the system to reach the stranded cavers and were able to lead them to and lower them down an alternative more spacious route. They were met by a second CRO team that had entered the cave via Valley Entrance and escorted to the surface safe, well and relieved to be out.

Volunteer hours: 112