Incident 35/2018 – Jun. 4th Mon 05.32 Lost John’s System, Leck, Lancashire – Cave Rescue

Two cavers were reported to be more than five hours overdue from a through trip between Lost John’s and Notts 2, which they had estimated would take four hours (20.00 Sunday to 00.00 Monday). CRO members began searching in the two pots referred to, being joined by people on CRO’s ‘cavers’ list* and members of UWFRA to investigate other holes on that part of Leck Fell. Eventually, the ‘mispers’ were found, stranded and off-route, in Lost John’s and were accompanied to the surface. More members of CRO, UWFRA, Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit and Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team were standing by for a later, additional call-out, but this was not needed.

* The cavers’ list comprises of experienced and specifically knowledgeable cavers who do not wish to join CRO, but are willing to assist on complex underground incidents or where their particular experience is required.

Volunteer hours: 630

As some members were back at Clapham, beginning to clean equipment, and others were still coming off Leck Fell, call-out texts were heard again  .  .  .  .  .  .  .