Incident 06/2016 – February 7th Sun. 18.43. – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Two Three Peaks walkers (m,26 m,25), having walked up past CRO members as they were treating the patient in the previous incident, continued to the summit, where they were overwhelmed by a blizzard. After their 999 call had been received, it was not possible to contact them to clarify their position. Once the previous patient was safely in the Land Rover, four CRO members returned up the hill and searched the summit plateau, in ‘white-out’ conditions. The ‘mispers’ had been unable to reach the summit shelter, but were soon found. They were wet and very cold. Each was given extra clothing, energy food and a decent head-light, before being guided down to Crina Bottom, to meet the CRO Land Rover.

Volunteer hours: 36