Alert only – Mar. 9th Sat. 22.14hrs – Lancaster Hole, Cumbria – Alert only

The duty controller was contacted by a team caver staying at Bull Pot Farm to inform of an overdue group of cavers, doing a through trip from Wretched Rabbit to Lancaster Hole. Other cavers at Bull Pot had established that the party had made it to the base of the entrance pitch to Lancaster hole, but 2 novice cavers with the group were too exhausted to climb out without assistance.…

Alert only – Feb. 16th Sat. 15.07hrs – Roaring Hole, Chapel le Dale, North Yorkshire – Alert only

Two cavers were reported to be ‘trapped’, two hours after entering Roaring Hole, near Southerscales, Ingleton.  Ten minutes later they were reported to be on the surface and walking back down to Chapel le Dale, so no further action was required. Volunteer hours: 0.2   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon