INCIDENT 50/2018 – Aug. 5th Sun. 21.38hrs – Sulber Nick and Beecroft, Horton in Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Two walkers (f,43; f,39) reported themselves ‘lost and losing daylight’, but gave a (correct) ten figure grid reference for their position, within 100m of ‘Sulber Crossroads’. While the duty controller was trying to contact them, they told North Yorkshire Police that they both had a phone signal and a torch, so would continue to Horton. A few minutes later, their response to the team’s ‘PhoneFind’ application showed that they were within four fields (1 km) of the village, so no further action would be required of CRO.  The incident log was closed and this web-site updated to show an ‘Alert only’.

15 minutes later, the pair telephoned the duty controller to say that they really were lost, now.  ‘PhoneFind’ placed them just above Beecroft Hall (They said they had climbed two walls.), so two local members drove up there, walked them to the car and returned them to their own car, parked in Horton.

Volunteer hours:  5