Incident 3/2018 – Jan. 17th Wed. 23.03 Cross of Greet, Lythe Fell, Lancashire – Mountain Rescue

A call was received by Bowland Pennine MRT from Lancashire Police to a vehicle and three occupants stranded in snow near the Cross of Greet. BPMRT used Sarloc (a mobile phone tracking app) to identify that the vehicle was in CRO’s area, and passed the call to us.

A small party was sent with CRO2 who collected the occupants, leaving their car in a layby for collection at a later date. They were taken to Clapham where a friend/relative collected them and took them home. The group had set off from Clitheroe in heavy rain, and were not expecting snow on the fell tops. Our first ‘avoidable’ call of the year.

Volunteer hours: 8