INCIDENT 11/2019 – Mar. 20th. Wed. 19.39hrs – Ingleborough, Clapham, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A Three Peaks walker (m, 45?) rang an acquaintance in Horton, to say that he had taken a fall while descending from Ingleborough and was bleeding significantly from a head-wound. The acquaintance rang Yorkshire Ambulance Service, whose dispatcher, unable to call the casualty back or know where to send assistance, called CRO.  A text was sent to the casualty, using the Phonefind app, but there was no immediate response. Small teams set off to various access points, but then a text was received from the casualty, saying that he was walking down to Clapham. This was followed by his mobile phone being tracked near The Lake, on an on-screen map. A team Land Rover was able to pick him up and all other parties were stood down. Back at CRO Base, a paramedic was able to assess the patient, before taking him to hospital, as a precaution.

Volunteer hours: 19