Incident 61/2017 – Aug. 24th Thu. 23.03 – Horton in Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A group of three walkers (m,30, m,11 m,6) and dog were reported overdue from their camp-site in Horton, having set out at 12.30 to do some unspecified part of the Three Peaks Walk and with only water and sweets to sustain them.
By chance, the Duty Controller’s wife had seen such a group two hours earlier, walking along the road near Selside, in the dark and with inadequate lights. She had offered them a lift, which they had declined, apparently unaware of how far they still had to walk. The Duty Controller drove the road and went on to the camp-site, identifying the tent by its light and the altercation taking place within. Having confirmed that this was indeed the correct tent and that all were back safely, he withdrew, so as not to exacerbate the disturbance to other campers.

Volunteer hours:3