INCIDENT 72/2020 – Oct. 23rd Fri 17.36 – Lancaster Hole~Wretched Rabbit, Casterton Fell, Cumbria. Cave Incident

Cumbria Police were contacted by the wife of a caver who was apparently overdue after setting off to do a through trip from Lancaster Hole to Wretched Rabbit. Having passed the call to the team, neither the Police nor team controllers were able to call the informant back, so a team member went to Bull Pot Farm to liaise with the caller and make an assessment, whilst another team member prepared a team vehicle at our depot to attend if required.
Whilst talking to the informant, the team member saw a light heading across the fell towards Bull Pot, which turned out to be the missing caver. Once confirmed safe, team members were stood down. The caver (m,55) was unharmed and had underestimated the time required to complete his planned trip.

Volunteer hours: 4.5