Three Peaks area, Horton in Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire Aug. 12th 23.24 – Alert only

Seven walkers (5f, 2m) were reported overdue on the Three Peaks Walk, descending from Ingleborough towards Horton in Ribblesdale. From the description given by the caller, they appeared to have passed ‘Sulber Crossroads’. The caller was asked to drive the road between Horton and Selside, looking for lights on the fell. Meanwhile SARloc messages were sent to the four known mobile phone numbers, just in case they came into an area of better reception. Not surprisingly, none of them worked.
Just as three CRO members – one with a SARDA dog – were preparing to set out, the original caller rang to say that he had found the group on the road, safe and well. At this point, a local Police officer also came across them.
Volunteer hours: 1.5