An opportunity to join like minded people and support CRO, the mountain and cave rescue service for the Three Peaks area of North Yorkshire.


Join the Friends of CRO, The Cave Rescue Organisation

The Cave Rescue Organisation, Clapham, North Yorkshire provides the mountain and the cave rescue service in the Three Peaks area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, parts of Lancashire and Cumbria and eastwards as far as Malham and Gordale.

The CRO is a charity run entirely by volunteers, and depends on public donations for its finance. Without such help the CRO cannot provide this essential rural emergency service.

Mountain and Crag Rescue

CRO provides mountain and crag rescue within its area. Each year thousands of walkers, climbers and mountaineers enter the National Park to enjoy this area of extensive uplands. They do so knowing that, should they become lost, overdue or injured on the fell, there is a dedicated, experienced and well equipped voluntary team willing and able to assist them regardless of the time, season or weather conditions.

Cave Rescue

CRO operates in England’s most important area for karst, which has an extensive system of natural caves and potholes. These are frequently visited by groups exploring and monitoring them.

CRO’s members are highly experienced cavers with extensive personal knowledge of the area’s caves and potholes, many of which are hazardous to navigate and cannot be successfully explored without considerable caving experience.

CRO responds to requests, from the police, to assist individual and groups who have become overdue, lost, trapped or injured within a cave or pothole. Without the expertise, and courage of CRO’s voluntary members effective rescue from many of the areas caves and potholes would be virtually impossible.

Advantages of Joining the Friends of CRO

  • Notification of CRO fundraising events.
  • Special Friends’ Events.
  • Access to the CRO depot on Friends’ days.
  • Networking through Friends’ events.
  • Copies of CRO publications.
  • An opportunity to be affiliated and join like-minded people in supporting the Cave Rescue Organisation.

Your Support Needed

Your support is essential if CRO is to maintain the specialist equipment, the depot and provide CRO members with advanced first aid training. Please help us by becoming a Friend of CRO.

By being a Friend you provide a much needed donation that will help to ensure the survival of this dedicated and remarkable team.

Your good will, and participation in the events organised to support and assist CRO, provides vital encouragement and assistance.

Being a Friend is fun and provides you with an opportunity to meet others who appreciate their connection with the The CRO team.

Practical Help for CRO

In addition to financial support, the CRO welcomes offers of practical help in areas not directly connected with search and rescue incidents. ‘Support Members’ of the CRO can provide such help and a Friend of CRO may wish to consider becoming a ‘Support Member’. More information on Support Membership is available from CRO’s Personnel Officer

Friends and CRO Constitution.

A ‘Friend’ of CRO in any year is a person or group paying or raising for CRO an amount of at least the applicable sum for the relevant category of membership.

A Friend of CRO in any year is a Patron Member of CRO (As defined in Appendix 2 to CRO’s Constitution) for that year. Patron Membership does not confer voting rights on CRO matters. CRO may decline or terminate Friends status and may vary the terms of membership from time to time and terminate the Friends group at its discretion.

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The following types of membership are available:

  1. Individual annual membership (donation of £25 or more)
  2. Family annual membership (donation of £40 or more)
  3. Business annual donation membership (donation of £100 or more)
  4. Clubs and associations annual membership (donation of £50 more)