INCIDENT 04/2021 – Mar. 16th Tue. 12.15 – Low Bentham, North Yorkshire. – Local Incident

CRO were called out to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) with an unresponsive person found by a dog walker next to a footpath on farmland near to Low Bentham. When YAS staff got to the scene they found that the reported casualty was in fact very drunk. The drunk person got up and left the scene before YAS could help him. CRO were stood down as we arrived at the…

INCIDENT 67/2020 – Sep. 27th Sun. 10.18 hrs – Birkwith – Mountain Incident

A walker (m 26) slipped and felt his ankle “crunch”. The injured person’s ankle was splinted by CRO team members and he was carried in a stretcher a short distance to a CRO Land Rover. He was taken to the car park in Horton-in Ribblesdale from where his partner drove him to their local hospital. Volunteer hours: 24 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

INCIDENT 66/2020 – Sep. 26th Sat. 15.22hrs – Gordale – Mountain Incident

A walker (f 37) jumped over a low stone wall and sustained an ankle injury. Her ankle was splinted by CRO team members before she was carried in a stretcher to a CRO Land Rover. She was transported to Malham village and handed into the care of Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Volunteer hours: 42 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

INCIDENT 56/2020 – Aug.18th Tue. 15.14hrs – Bar Pot, near Gaping Gill, Ingleborough – Cave Incident

CRO were called to help with an incident in Bar Pot – part of the Gaping Gill cave system under the slopes of Ingleborough. A caver (F 14yo) had fallen about 2.5 metres whilst abseiling down the first pitch of Bar Pot. The caver had landed heavily on her feet and then tumbled backwards banging her head. She was reported to have a suspected fracture of her left ankle and…